I have boxes of prints, slides, films and folders full of images that have been gathering (virtual) dust.

The attic may invoke notions of the antique, the old and discarded. But not everyting in this attic is that way. I work intuitively and I am interested in images as objects. Black & White / colour - recent / old - sharp / out of focus. I took most of those images outside of pre-conceived projects, and the potential for these discrete parcels of time (1) to take new meaning with every view is the reason I have held on to them. 

From the attic is a way for me to keep asking questions about the practice of photography. These little series are fluid experiences in sequencing and finding relationships between images as well as connections to my immediate environment, now and in the past.

This space is like a studio bench, where I lay out images, let them talk to each other and create new associations.

1. John Szarkowski